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How do I use SellMeThisPen for my Zoom meetings?
In order to use SellMeThisPen you would have to join the meeting via a web application which is provided via official Zoom Software Development Kit (SDK). You don't need to install a Zoom application.

To start using SellMeThisPen on your Zoom meetings:
- Log in to your Zoom account
- Download SellMeThisPen Chrome extension
- Login to your SellMeThisPen dashboard. You'll be asked to grant access to your Google calendar when logging in.
After that, you can follow the regular flow to join your Zoom meeting:
- Open your Google calendar
- Click on the meeting
- Click on Zoom meeting name

It will take you to a Zoom web application, and the SellMeThisPen extension will automatically open up to assist you on your call.

During your Zoom meeting, you can use the following features of the SellMeThisPen extension:

- Meeting name that is being picked up from your Google calendar. You can also edit the name, which will be updated on your SellMeThisPen dashboard, but not on your Google calendar.
- Timer that shows the time left for your meeting based on the scheduled time from your Google calendar. It will help you keep track of time and manage your meeting accordingly.
- Playbooks with a list of questions to ask on your sales call. You can always change your current playbooks or build new ones on your SellMeThisPen dashboard.
- Tips that show you 2 types of tips: behavioral and technical. For behavioral tips, you will get notified when you talk way more than your prospect, so you can make pause or ask them a question instead. For technical, consider them as battle cards to help you handle tough objections.
- Notes can help you take a quick note for your reference so you can repeat some information back to a prospect to confirm you understand them correctly.

If you wish to stop using SellMeThisPen on your Zoom meetings, you can uninstall SellMeThisPen extension:
- Open your Google Chrome browser
- Click on the extensions icon on the top right corner of the Chrome bar
- Click on 3 dots next to SellMeThisPen
- Click on "Remove from Chrome"
Can I permanently delete my call transcripts?
Yes! If you ever wish to delete your call transcript permanently, you can do so from your dashboard. Or simply contact us, and we will promptly attend to your request in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
What should I do if the extension doesn't pick up my Zoom meeting name?
If this happens, please log out from your dashboard and log in again. After that, the extension should pick up a Zoom meeting name after you join a new meeting.

If you face any other technical difficulties, please reach out to us.