Ergeon - Success Story With SellMeThisPen AI

Shared by Jose Carranza - Head of Sales at Ergeon
March 14, 2024

At Ergeon Inc. (Forbes' Top 100 startups to work for in 2024), a company at the forefront of leveraging technology to revolutionize the construction industry, we faced a significant challenge: scaling our sales training program to accommodate our rapid growth. Our ambitious goal to train 47 bootcampers simultaneously threatened to overwhelm our sales leadership team, given the intensive nature of our role-play-based training. Enter SellMeThisPen (SMTP), an AI-driven sales coaching platform that promised to transform our approach to sales training.

The Challenge:

Historically, our training process was both time and labor-intensive, requiring approximately 40 minutes per role-play session per team member. With smaller groups, this was manageable, but scaling to a larger group presented an unsustainable demand on our leadership's time. We needed a solution that could offer extensive, effective training without compromising the quality or draining our leadership resources.

Discovery and Decision:

The turning point came during a discovery call with Michael from SMTP. His genuine interest in our challenges and willingness to craft a tailored solution, even if we weren't an exact fit for their usual client profile, spoke volumes. Unlike other platforms geared predominantly towards SaaS companies, SMTP demonstrated remarkable flexibility and innovation in adapting to our unique needs.

Impact and Results:

  • Time Savings and Enhanced Training: SMTP enabled us to conduct over 1,600 role-playing sessions in the first half of our bootcamp alone, saving our leadership team around 700 hours. This efficiency gain allowed us to provide more practice opportunities than ever before.
  • Realism and Relevance: The platform's realism impressed us deeply, with AI interactions closely mimicking real customer inquiries and scenarios. This realism, coupled with the platform's rapid feature development and updates, greatly enhanced our training program's effectiveness.
  • Significant Improvement in Outcomes: Perhaps the most telling metric of success was the increase in our graduation rate from 60% to 90% with the group trained using SMTP. This 50% boost in efficiency not only underscores the platform's impact on our training effectiveness but also allows our leadership team to focus on their primary roles, supporting our team members.

Looking Ahead:

Our journey with SMTP is just beginning. We're excited about the roadmap ahead, which includes expanding the complexity and variety of training scenarios. This will ensure that even our most experienced team members can continue to grow and refine their skills through continuous role-playing.


SellMeThisPen has not just been a tool; it has been a catalyst for change at Ergeon Inc.,aligning perfectly with our values of investing in people, being kind, and staying lean. The platform's spirit of innovation mirrors our own, making SMTP an invaluable partner in our growth journey. For any company looking to scale their sales training effectively, I cannot recommend SellMeThisPen highly enough.

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