3 Tips Every Beginner in Sales Needs to Know

By: Kathy Enriquez-Nguyen
March 5, 2024

Are you a junior rep looking to sharpen your skills? Or are you interested in the sales world and don’t know where to start? At SellMeThisPen, we want you to succeed and are here to help you navigate the world of sales by making it less scary. 

Here are our three tips to help kick-start your adventure.

The Fundamentals Matter

You may be tempted to look at Bruce Lee and instantly want to fight like that right away. The reality is you need to start with the basics, think “wax on, wax off.” The same goes for sales. Ask yourself what sales truly means and how you get great at it. The answer may be a lot simpler than you think. Follow trainers and coaches (or other sales professionals like our CEO, Michael Ocean) who have been in the trenches and know how to break it down for you. 

Drop the complicated enterprise-focused content and focus on those who can teach you the basics. That way, you can start building your foundation by understanding how things work and scaling from there. 

Conversations Are Key

Here’s the thing - don’t wait until you get your first sales job. Start now! Strike up conversations with people, literally anyone you want. Next time you hit up the supermarket, try holding a conversation with the cashier longer than usual. Be curious and build those conversation muscles. 

A fun exercise would be selling things you don’t need on the marketplace. It’s a good way to declutter your place and practice your sales skills at the same time. Another fun thing to do is to hit up the flea market and try to negotiate. You won’t just be leveling up your skills; you may also find some cool treasures!

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

Don’t Let Distractions Get the Best of You

You wouldn’t say “I do” to just anybody, so why should you do the same when it comes to your job? When hunting for your first sales gig, don’t get tempted by fancy company logos or a few extra bucks. Do research before accepting your offer since this can lead to success or failure. It is common for companies to hire reps quickly without having a solid training plan in place, which can be challenging for new hires. 

Here are some things you can look into before your interview:

  • See if they post anything about their training programs.
  • Look into past reps - who soared, who sank?
  • Do some stalking on LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Bonus Tip: Ask the Right Questions

When you’re in an interview, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just you who’s being evaluated. In fact, you have every right to ask questions about your potential employer. This is your chance to get a good idea of your opportunities and how you will be trained to succeed. 

Here are some questions we think would help you see if you will have the proper training:

  • What’s your training program like?
  • Do you follow certain methodologies? 
  • Who is my coach, and what is their background?
  • Can you share success stories, tales of epic fails and comebacks?
  • If I hit a rough patch during training, what is your plan?

Start Small, Talk More and Choose Wisely

Well, there you have it - three straightforward, no-BS tips to get you started. Remember, it’s all about learning the basics, starting conversations and choosing your job wisely. While you’re at it, why not use our platform for some AI roleplay action? This way, you can have plenty of fun while practicing without any judgment.

Be well prepared for any sales conversation.