10 Time-Saving AI Prompts for Efficient Sales Prospecting and Roleplays

By: Kathy Enriquez-Nguyen
March 5, 2024

With all the hype surrounding AI and ChatGPT about how it is a wizard, it’s not surprising that many people think it’s a magic wand that can produce anything. But if you’re new to generative AI, you may notice it doesn’t always give you what you want. That is because creating prompts is an art form in itself. To get the best results, you need to understand its capabilities and give clear, specific instructions. 

Here are some general AI prompts for sales tasks to get you started. 

AI Prompts for Prospecting

  1. Write a 30-second cold call sales script highlighting three benefits of [your product/service] for [prospect].
  2. Write a three-minute video script for [title] at [prospect company] summarizing the benefits of [your product/service]. End the video script by reminding them of an upcoming meeting on [date and time].
  3. Create 3-5 questions to engage [prospect] by relating to their specific [industry] pain points.
  4. Craft a concise statement that showcases how [your product/service] solves a [list some common problems] better than [list your competitors]. 
  5. Write a closing line that gently nudges [prospect] towards a commitment, emphasizing the ease of getting started.

AI Prompts for Role Play 

  1. Act as a prospect from [company] who is hesitant about the cost of [your product/service]. Let’s discuss the value and benefits it offers.
  2. Act like a [title] in [industry] who is hesitant about the cost and value of [your product or service]. Roleplay a conversation discussing the value and benefits the product/service offers.
  3. Roleplay as a prospect interested in more information about [your product/service] before committing. I’ll provide the details of my/our [product/service] to help you decide.
  4. Imagine you’re a prospect considering switching from a [competitor’s product] to [your product/service] and wanting to know why you should pick us. I’ll highlight the advantages of making the switch.
  5. Act as a current customer of [your company and details of current product plan]. I will try to upsell you to a higher-tier subscription plan by explaining the additional benefits you’ll receive, and you throw some common objections showing your hesitation.

Tip: Use ChatGPT voice to make role-plays feel more realistic.

Guide To Write Your Own Prompts

Use Clear, Specific Language 

Add numbers and parameters to your prompts. 

For example, “Write three short sentences to summarize the [industry] over the last decade” will give you more of what you need than “Tell me everything you know about the [industry].”

Keep It Linear

To make things easier, you can use bullet points to frame your request. Include things like reference links (make sure you have internet browsing enabled), topics and points you want it to mention. 

The More Context, the Better 

You want to give the AI a role and give as much background as possible. 

For example, instead of “Draft a cold email to buyers in the [industry]”, write “You are a salesperson in the [industry]; draft an introductory email to Michael Ocean, the CEO of SellMeThisPen, that shows how [your product] addresses the pain points of the [industry].”

Never Forget Personalization

ChatGPT doesn’t have access to personal information - add any honoraries, titles and the right names to your prompts to get more personal. 

Transforming Communication with AI 

AI may help you be more efficient, all you need to do is pick and fine-tune some prompts that work for you and test them out. Remember, the more precise you are, the better the outputs. Don’t forget you can add the human touch with personalizations. With a powerful tool like generative AI, you can save time and get your creative gears moving when you get writer’s block.

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